Cable & Wire Harness Assembly

Industrial-Frequency Brushless Synchronous Generator

CAD Drawings

Plastic injection molding

3D CMM Inspection services

Metal Stamping

Plastic injection molding

ZD106A DC Traction Motor


Brass foil framework voice coil

Workhorse of synchronous motor line


Layered voice coil

High torque bi-directional motor

Battery Charger

Multi-channel voice coil

3440 Geared Motor

Battery Charger

Sectioned voice coil

GA DC Geared Motor

Power Cords & Plugs

Oval (strip-shaped) voice coil

Variable Frequency Asynchronous Motor

Metal Stamping Parts

Metal Stamping

ZQDR-310 DC traction motor

Photoluminescent Pigment

Illuminating Products

Illuminating Marks

752AF8 traction motor

Walkie Talkie

Electric Wheel Stator

Power transformer

Power transformer




Value Proposition

Current Projects

Products Showcase

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