SYSCOM Group creates a flexible IT environment that acts as a catalyst to make your business competitive. Our investments are focused on enabling our customers to achieve technology leadership in their markets through a suite of solutions that focuses on achieving their IT imperatives with the lowest risk and disruption to your current operations and at acceptable time-to-market and cost

How SYSCOM Group works

SYSCOM Group’s IT solution suite focuses on your IT imperatives and prescriptions, with solutions categorized under three broad tracks:

1. Legacy Modernization :

  • Enhanced flexibility: Creates a flexible IT environment that enables you to add new products and services faster, allows real-information access and provides new information channels.
  • Reduced cost: Lowers the high maintenance cost associated with existing legacy platforms and reduces dependency on specialized resource needs.
  • Minimized disruption: Eases risk in modernizing legacy platforms through a combination of strong experience working on legacy and contemporary platforms, a proven modernization framework and rich domain knowledge.

2. Connected Business : SYSCOM Group’s connected business transforms your enterprise information by making it:

  • Seamless: The solution enables seamless information flow through loosely-coupled delivery channels and business services, helping you to enhance employee productivity and build superior relationships with your customers and partners
  • Flexible: Quickly align your information flow to changing stakeholder needs by decoupling business processes, which builds business process flexibility
  • Secure: Effectively govern the use of information through centralized service management.

3. Infrastructure Optimization : Through a specialized set of services, SYSCOM Group builds a IT infrastructure for your business that is:

  • Business centric: Serves business needs through services that provide the right service level of availability, performance, reliability and security
  • Consolidated: Built out of standardized reusable building blocks
  • Automated: Self-managing & Self-healing: In case of intervention, tasks are highly automated
  • Flexible: Flexible in changing service levels, incorporating new technologies and managing components
  • Service oriented: Transparent cost, pricing and pay-per-service-use billing.

Once we identify the roadblocks to information flow, we identify the potential solutions to eliminate the roadblocks. We then do a cost-benefit analysis to determine the right solution approach. For example, if timely product information is not available to your sales agents (which helps enhance customer relationships), we may determine the need to deploy a mobility solution.





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