A solution that we can offer is specialized Build, Operate and Transfer services. We build your business team at our premises, take care of its administration and management, provide resources and facilities, utilize our infrastructure for carrying out your offshore functions, expand and increase your business operations, and after the set period of time, transfer control to you.

The scope and scale of outsourcing is increasing, substantially. New outsourcing models have come up to cope up with the speedy outsourcing evolution. The Build, Operate and Transfer is one of the evolved models. Our Build, Operate and Transfer services are performed in the following manner:

  • We build your business team and run your operations using our infrastructure
  • You will be in-charge of the team and business process, practically. That is, the work will be performed as per your plans and decisions
  • The work will be carried out on our premises and employees working on our payroll
  • We will provide all the resources and facilities to the team working for you, for the specified period of time
  • The option to retain total or partial control, after the fixed period of time depends on you

You can start a firm with as small as 2 employees and minimum resources. We will build your firm, take care of all operations, and develop it into a well-established company in the set period of time.

The benefits are:

  • Instead of spending money on infrastructure, resources, staff, and complicated business procedures in a foreign region, you can invest the money at the right places
  • You can enjoy all the benefits of outsourcing and manage your team of personnel without worrying about business risks
  • You can own your dedicated operations and team over a fixed period of time

Our clients do not have to waste time on incorporation of a new company in a foreign country or suffer the pain of migration risks and initial development phase. They acquire a completely developed and successful business in a small period of time.





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