SYSCOM Group's sourcing expertise brings together a much diversified group of manufacturing companies that are spread across the globe in order to provide our customers a wide range of offerings to choose from and the absolute best in Quality, Price and Delivery alternatives for all their procurement needs. Here are our major catagories of the capabilities our manufacturers can bring to you:

Chrome Plating / ElectroStatic Painting: Tailor-made plating plants for copper-nickel chrome plating on plastics, tri-nickel chromium plating on wheel rims, copper-nickel-chromium plating plant for aluminum die-cast wheels and special plating plants for electronic components, all with integrated effluent treatment plants, are some examples of equipment designed with innovative process sequences. We have successfully introduced several unique formulations for various processes in the surface finishing industry and concentrates mainly on niche products and markets.

We are the market leader for organic, non-toxic brighteners for silver plating. Since about one year, we have entered into the field of electrophoretic lacquering (organic polymer coating deposition by electrolysis) for decorative and industrial purposes. Related fields include electrostatic painting and powder coating. We have recently, on an exclusive basis, introduced the RoHS-compliant trivalent chromium passivation process (SurTec 650 chromitAL TCP) for aluminum and its alloys. Applications are related to the automotive, electrical and electronic, architectural and construction industries, to name a few.


Car Accessories: Manufacturer of car accessories, Products are Car foot mats, Car Protection Strips, Steering Covers, Decals(Stickers), Car radio Antenna etc.

High Precision Machined Components: Component manufacturing for special application industries. Our Clients are from Flow measurement and Control, Pressure measurement & control, Medical electronics, and electronic sensors & control, etc. Special alloy machining like Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Nickel, Brass, Inconel, etc. Machineries with 3-4 axis capabilities. All vendors are ISO certified with international business experience.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) fabrication and assembly: Rreliable suppliers of high quality electronic goods & components including PCB assemblies by integrating top quality sourcing capability combined with trained and skilled labor force and low overhead cost structure. We strive to offer the best possible pricing from prototypes through high volume production, specializing in: Thru-hole PCB Assembly, Surface Mount PCB Assembly,BGA Assembly, PCB Test & Repair, System Assembly, Box Builds, 100% Testing Programming, Test Jigs and Fixtures, Component Kit Or Turnkey Manufacturing, Prototyping & High Volume.

High-end electrical and electronics components and assemblies: We provide low cost electronic manufacturing products and services by leveraging low cost, highly skilled Indian resources.








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